Thursday, 3 December 2015

Diabetes, chemo, gall much fun!

So, I don't have diabetes, or even pre-diabetes...........wooohooooo!  That's good news.

I see a surgeon on Dec 8 to discuss my gall bladder situation.  It's just a consult at this time.

I am finally back on my chemo treatments.  I had my 4th today.  I'm half way there.  I will be on a different chemo drug for treatments 5 to 8.  I am curious to see if the side effects will be the same, similar, different etc.  Moe Moe is sweet.  She came to be with me today.  She has to take 3 busses.  She's so cute.  It was nice having her company.  I was able to drive her to Tunney's after chemo as I was going to work anyway.  It saved her 1 bus.  Not much, but something.  I didn't expect any of my sisters or my daughter to come today.  Michelle was working.  Barb had a meeting with her boss.  Patty has been to so many of my appointments at the General.  Moe is at the other end of the city and needs to take 3 busses.  She said she didn't mind and even likes to take busses.  Funny girl.

At my treatment today I asked if I could have my next appt on the 16th.  It is currently booked 2 weeks from today on Thursday, Dec 17.  I prefer Wednesdays as Michelle is off that day and able to come with me plus we are having our work section Christmas lunch on the 17th and I really don't want to miss it.  I mentioned to my oncologist this past Tuesday when I saw her how I preferred Wednesdays and that going today, Thursday, was ok since I hadn't been on chemo for 5 weeks and switching days this one time was fine.  I will call her tomorrow to discuss.  I really can't understand what difference a day makes.  We'll see.

I have done lots of Christmas baking.  I'm just one crazy baking queen!  I get like that.  I don't bake for, well, months and months, and then I simply go nuts (no pun intended) when I put my mind to it.  I have baked 11 or 12 different things.  My freezer is full and I am out of plastic containers!  My sisters and I are having a cookie exchange.  I've done my baking, Patty will do her baking, Moe Moe doesn't want to bake (haha) and Barb doesn't have time.  I told her she and I could give my desserts together and she can just pay me for half the ingredients.  It's all good.  We'll get together before Christmas to do the exchange.  I am hoping we decide to go out for lunch since I don't like the unpredictability of the weather this time of year so would prefer not to go out in the evening.

My printer died a few weeks ago.  Patty and Fred decided to buy me one as a Christmas gift because they know money is real tight and I use my printer quite a bit. It was so generous and kind of them to do this.  I ordered one from Staples and it came yesterday.....yay!  It has a good review and was on sale to boot!  Michelle will set it up for me when she has a chance.  Hopefully that's this weekend :-)

Orkin man is coming tomorrow.  I still have critters in my wall and ceiling.  It's been almost 3 months since I called them.  They've been here 5 times already.  Why is this so complicated?  Why?

I am feeling nauseous.  At least not having chemo had side effects.  I don't like feeling this way one single bit.  C'est la vie.

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