Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Service Canada (particularly EI) is such a marvelous and easy to manage site............NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you friggin' kidding me???? I applied for EI the first week of October. I have yet to receive any payment. Today is December 22, so let me calculate this, um, let's see.........almost 4 freaking months!!!

Every single time I try to fill out the online forms, I get this error message that they are experiencing problems, to come back later or give them a call, etc, etc, etc. I come back later and get the same message. I try again the next day, then the next day, then a couple days later and get the same freaking message!!! What does one do?? I call the number they give and am in a queue for 35 minutes. I think not!! Three point five months of this!!! I can not believe that in this modern era of computers and groovy state of the art systems, that I can't get through to EI. I am not a lazy twit not wanting to work. I have cancer and need support, thank you very much.

I go online yesterday and their system is down. What.........the.........heck am I supposed to do people??  WHAT??

But the piece de resistance is what happened when I tried again today. I was informed that I was late filling out my forms and now have to reactivate my account. Oh. Really???????

Their site does not work and they do their ultimate best to make sure you can't possibly file a report.  Cuz if you could, they would not know what to do with it. They would be like "Ugh??! What??#"

Jesus, your birthday is in 3 days. This should be a happy time of year. Please help my life to get easier.  Please.

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