Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Visit to the oncologist was, well, interesting

I saw Dr. D. today.  I waited in the little room for 45 minutes and was with her for 5 or 6 minutes.  She left and never came back. Ugh??

One of the prescriptions I am taking for my chemo treatments is Nuepogen. Chemo leaves your immune system compromised and this drug helps to bring the white blood cell count back up.  However, I was supposed to have an injection 24 hours after chemo and continue every day for 7 days. She wrote the prescription wrong and only wrote down the part about taking it "24 hours after chemo" and left out the "continue every day for 7 days" part.  When she realized this today, she said it was her fault but that the pharmacist filling the prescription should have known.  Talk about passing the buck!  She left the room and said she'd be right back.  She never came back.  Carmen, the nurse came by to give me another prescription and said I could leave.  I was surprised and even told Carmen that Dr. D. said she'd be right back (after all, I didn't really have an appt and hadn't asked my questions).  I was dumbfounded and by being so, only realized after the fact how angry I was.

For the few minutes I did see Dr. D., we discussed the swollen, sore, red area on my calf.  She wrote a prescription for antibiotics and said if it gets worse to call her and she would tell me whether or not to take the antibiotics. Now that I think of it, perhaps it really is an infection, um, maybe because my immune system was compromised!#??!!!

I don't even know what the appt. was for now that I think of it. 

When the blood work comes back, they will let me know if chemo is a go tomorrow.  If the white cells are too low, it has to be postponed.

I am frustrated, confused, upset and just fuming.  Now what?

To add to the fun, my parking pass wouldn't work going into the lot at the General and didn't work again coming out.  I got a ticket and went to the parking/security office (had to walk across the length of the hospital).  They asked if I had used it as it showed that it was expired. I told him I hadn't used it yet.....at all!  He "fixed" it but on the way out, I had the same problem. I hit the help button, the girl fixed something and I was able to leave.

It's bad enough going through cancer, chemo, nausea, fatigue et all, even when everything else in life is going smoothly.  When you have cancer and things fall apart around you for absolutely no good reason, for errors made my professionals, when there are no excuses..........well, I just want to throw my arms in the air, shake my fists and scream to the world around me, hoping someone hears my cries.

I had my first treatment on Sept. 30.  On Oct. 1 I had an injection of Nuepogen. These injections were to continue for the next 6 consecutive days.  This didn't happen.  I pay the price.  What is wrong with this picture.

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