Saturday, 2 February 2013

I spilled my yogourt

So this morning I opened the fridge door to take out my filtered water and dropped a whole container of yogourt at the same time.  The lid was loose and I lost half of a 650 gram tub of yummy vanilla yogourt.............splattered all over the floor.  I did a little cursing, ok, a lot of cursing and, with a rag in one hand, trying to balance with a crutch in the other and tubing dragging through the yogourt, I began wiping up the mess.  It's tough using a crutch and trying to bend down at the same time.  Try it sometime.  I now have a relatively clean spot on the floor where the yogourt was, but have dried yogourt all over the tubing.  I should clean that off as well.  It's going to probably stink after a while if I don't.

I thrive on swearing in the real world.  I am told that it's probably best not to when I blog.  How boring is that?  It's going to be tough, but I'll give it a try.  So, those of you who know me, may not recognize my language without a few "f" words here and there.  Nonetheless, it is indeed me.  Seriously!

Another day home.  I don't go out these days.  For the past 2 months, I have been, more or less, confined to the house, recovering from an infection to my artificial knee joint.  Actually, I would have been all recovered by now had it not been for the fact that the sutures used during the closing of the wound after surgery, prematurely opened shortly afterwards.  So ironically, I am technically recovering from that, um, unfortunate incident (normally I'd swear here), where I am left with this huge hole just below my right knee.  I asked the surgeon when I saw him 2 visits ago if he could simply take some fat from my butt and fill in the hole and call it a day.  Apparently that was not a solution.  Having said that, if this vacuum system doesn't do the job, they have no choice but to perform plastic surgery on me to close the hole.  It's a pretty scary thing this hole.  If it doesn't heal, then there is a good chance of reinfection, which would mean a 2nd knee replacement.  He told me that it would be done in 2 stages.  First, take out the artificial knee, let that heal for 2 weeks and then put a new replacement knee in.  That's right, I'd have no knee for 2 weeks.  I suffer from severe anxiety and chronic depression at the best of times.  Seriously folks, why me?


  1. Hey hey Paula, I am reading and it is funny stuff! Isn't it weird how something so painful and trying in real life can make people laugh, mostly due to your writing style and sense of humour! Keep it up and I will check back soon! Perry