Friday, 8 February 2013

Dogs bring us the greatest gifts!

Last night I am sitting on the edge of my bed (a cot in the kitchen) working on my computer, and Chewie is playing behind me and "digging" at the covers and it's starting to annoy me.  I reach behind and grab the object of his desire, something hard, frozen and the size of my palm.  I bring it around and look at it.  It takes my brain a few seconds to realize what it is.  It is a frozen dog turd he brought in from outside!!  Oh dear Lord!  I quickly fling it on the kitchen floor, where it proceeds to break in pieces and I am left sitting there in shock.  I start throwing out a few swear words and am totally left disgusted.  What the !#$%^!#$!!!!!

Normally, I would jump up and go into action to get rid of this, um, find.  Remember though that I can't "rush" on anything.  I got up, gathered all the machines and hoses, which I am sure must have looked hilarious, grabbed the broom and dustpan and proceeded to gather up the pieces and then fling them back outside.  Just thinking about it now makes me want to hurl.

I couldn't get them out the door quick enough before I went and spent about 5 minutes washing my hands and swearing as I did so.  I think Chewie was looking at me thinking what a crazy lady I was.  After all, it's only one of his turds.  What's the big deal.

Was he punishing me for forgetting to feed him?  His dish was empty, so I think so.  I then spent the next 20 minutes trying to find his dog food.  ML was over the other night, took his food out of the bag and put it into containers.  For the life of me, I couldn't find them, so ended up giving him a can of wet dog food.  I prefer the dry stuff, but couldn't let him go hungry.

I have since found the containers of dog food, in the freezer to keep them fresh.  I remember that now, but in the heat of panic and disgust last night, I had forgotten.

I don't make this stuff up.  At least the turd was frozen!  Thank God.

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